Our Neighbors

The College of Arts and Sciences strives to work with the Neighbors around them. Here are three projects in which NCU has got involved with the community in Minneapolis.

Social Work and the Hiawatha

Last year, they did the Hiawatha homeless encampment. Students raised money, did a chapel offering, and then used that money to make meals for the encampment 3 times. Students in the social work department teamed up with the Ain Duh Yung Center, and used the remaining money to create personal hygiene bags for homeless Native American youth. One of the students took on the initiative to purchase all the supplies but then everyone came together to help put the hygiene bags together.

ASL and The Walker

Our ASL Interpreting students have been involved with a lot of mission work. They are involved with the community in ways such as interpreting for clients, working with deaf and hard of hearing children in school, providing interpreting service in education settings, and attending and volunteering for Deaf Missions Interpreting Conference in Omaha, NE. Our ASL students complete at least 10 hours of community service per year and are involved in workshops and volunteering deaf events.

Aaron McKain and Digital Ethics

The IDH’s mission with the #NeighborsNotNumbers is all about community and legislative education on algorithmic discrimination. We got a grant from the Department of Health and Services last spring to do community education with Little Earth Native community and Working with them on Housing discrimination issues that come up. We also worked with the Anti-Defamation League and professors at Creighton University and the University of Wisconsin La Crosse on a national pilot program which is a high school education curriculum on algorithmic ethics and North Central brings Communication, Education and Digital Media students all working together on the national pilot.