About Us

The Love Your Neighbor Initiative is based out of the North Central University College of Arts and Sciences with the direction, intention, and focus on showcasing student accomplishments, opportunities, and achievements. 

What's the point?

NCU offers relational, hands-on programs with a focus on experiential learning, allowing students, staff, and faculty to invest in their future dreams, goals, careers, and aspirations. Through the College of Arts and Sciences’ Love Your Neighbor Initiative, students have become well-rounded, versatile, socially responsible, and faith-filled agents of change, reflecting these values in their work.

Love Your Neighbor

North Central’s College of Arts and Sciences has created the Love Your Neighbor (LYN) initiative, a student-led, student-organized, and student-developed website designed to tell the stories of those in our nearby communities. Through this interdisciplinary approach to learning, students are equipped with the skills for the workplace and future calling, while also being immersed in an urban environment that encourages experiential learning and faith. Our passionate and hardworking team of students collaborated with the College of Arts and Science to develop a truly groundbreaking website that viewers can use to get connected to everything this department does for the Love Your Neighbor initiative, with the intention of helping those we have the opportunity to help make positive change.

Our Team


Jonathan Heide

Jonathon Heide is an assistant professor in communication arts and has been teaching at North Central for eight years. He loves working with students and helping them find their vocational purpose. To him the Love Your Neighbor Initiative is important because it is an intentional way for students, faculty, and staff to think about CAS as a part of the local community and separate from it. In his writing for media class, he has every student do a community reporting assignment. This is an intentional way for students to get into Elliot Park and meet people in our neighborhood.


Gail Weinhold

Gail Weinhold is an associate professor in the education department at North Central University and has been teaching here for seven years. Gail is here to equip students to become teachers, go into schools, and share hope where they teach. When it comes to the Love Your Neighbor Initiative the education program is unique because the students are already out in the community with student teaching and clinicals. The education department is working hard to build connections with schools and continuing to develop relationships with schools in the community.