Last year in 2019, students from the Love Your Neighbor program executed a plan to raise money through chapel offerings to put towards outreaching to the homeless community in the Hiawatha area. They raised enough money to set up encampments and serve meals to the homeless on 3 separate occasions. This was a great way to look out for the homeless and feed those who may not have the opportunity to get a meal very often or at all. By also teaming up with the Ain Duh Yung center, the group decided to use the money left over for putting together hygiene necessity bags for the Native American youth that are homeless in the area.

From fund raising through chapel offerings, to giving out personal hygiene bags, they also managed to hold a donation drive for hats , gloves, mittens, and other clothing for the homeless community. It was identified that the community had a need for flashlights and female hygiene products in particular and those categories in particular were donated too as well. This was a well executed outreach plan and they were able to touch many lives that were in need to properly take care of themselves.            

The program has allowed this to snowball effect as this year they collected donations for the Drake fire to help the homeless people who have been displaced due to the fire. Around Thanksgiving they did a donation drive to gather more necessities to give back to the homeless who are in need of items to help improve their day to day living conditions in the Hiawatha community. They look to continue giving back to the community and being in reach if the people need help. Some ideas in the making are a “grab one take one” coat rack to provide jackets and coats for those that are homeless and don’t have anything to keep them warm. They look forward to continuing to serve the world and spreading the love around, one day at a time.